Common Grammar And Spelling Mistakes

I have noticed that some of you immigrants have a few grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing. It is important to have good English if you want to become an American citizen.

Review your text and check following pointers:


I was
You were
He, she it was
They were
You were
We were

-Write it is instead of it's

- Business (check your spelling when you are using this word)

- Through =gjennom
- Though = skjønt (Though I knew her from before…)

- Some of you use a lot of on, see if there is a posibility to use another preposition (in, at etc) Remember: We were at or in school, not on school. If you write on it means that you were located on top of the roof at the school.


it - its

its is a possessive pronoun=the possessive form of it. Possessive pronoun NEVER use an apostrophe

It is or it has
=it's. Here you always use an apostrophe if you are to link the two words together.

Two, to and too

To has two functions. First, as a preposition, in which case it always precedes a noun.

I'm going to the store

He went to Italy

This belongs to David

Secondly, to indicates an infinitive when it precedes a verb.

I need to study

We want to help

He's going to eat

Two is the number 2:
one, two, three

Too also has two uses. First, as a synonym for "also":

Can I go too?

He went to France too

I think that's Paul's book too

Secondly, too means excessively when it precedes an adjective or adverb.

I'm too tired

He's walking too quickly

I ate too much

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